Friday, February 14, 2014

New Release "Clandestine" by Joseph Eastwood

BLURB: Enter a world where the phases of the day indicate who's the strongest. The Light are powerful in the day, and the Dark are powerful during the night. Both sides are blessed with great strengths and great weaknesses. It would be unwise for either to impose on the other.
Brandon Holmes comes from a long line of powerful men with Dark Phaser heritage, and all it took was a heartbreaking argument and the realization that he'd been lied to since birth for him to understand. After being taken in by his grandparents with the offer of a new start, a new lifestyle and the chance of getting to know who his real father was.
Brandon's grandpa suspects that his father was murdered, and that's when the journey begins, taking him to a remote part of Italy where a colony of Light Phasers live. Brandon must figure out what happened to his real father and why, without being caught and killed, or worse, starting a war.
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About the Author

Joseph Eastwood was born on the 9th June 1993, in Lancaster, England. He's always wanted to write for a living, which wasn't always encouraged, the more 'financially viable' lifestyle choices were pushed upon him, but he didn't let that pull him down, and he wrote, and wrote.
Recently, he self-published his first novel, LUMEN, now picked up by independent publishing company, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly (CHBB), Joseph is not letting go of his dreams.
Current projects: Blood Luminary Series (LUMEN), Night Falls Series (CLANDESTINE), Caldwell Witches Series (SALEM GATES). He writes fantasy/dark fantasy novels and short stories for the young adult market.

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