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"There For You Editing" with Melissa Ringsted

There for You Editing Services

Quality Editing, Affordable Rates!

Melissa Ringsted


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Melissa Ringsted has owned her own professional editing company, There for You Editing, since 2011.
Melissa has experience editing for Indie Authors,
USA Today Best Sellers, as well as several small publishing and large publishing companies. 

Melissa has worked with editing in several writing genres. She has worked with articles and small press, anthologies, children’s books, middle grade novels, children’s series, Young Adult, New Adult, Horror, Sci-Fi, and many more.

Several authors have award winning books Melissa has had the pleasure of perfecting through the art of editing.

Melissa’s portfolio contains well over two hundred books
in her three plus years professionally editing
 and includes several award winning books.
She is also the official editor of Anchor Group Publishing.

Dedicated, bright, pleasure, inspirational, passionate, detail-oriented, insightful, great communicator, honest, and most importantly- professional, are just a few words authors have used to describe Melissa’s talent. 

In the words of the award winning author, Stacey Rourke-
“She's like the Mary Poppins of books--practically perfect in every way.”

There For You Editing

Melissa’s services are unique to There for You Editing, and you will find she will go above and beyond for your work. Below are some great qualities and services offered at an amazing cost. 

Editing of a manuscript includes:

 A) Grammar

B)  Spelling
 C) Punctuation
 D) Sentence structure
 E) Overall “flow” of the work
 In addition to the full edit by the editor,
each round of editing includes a complimentary proofreader

What does this mean, you might ask? It means another set of eyes helping to get your manuscript as clean as possible. Our professional proofreaders not only help with any common errors, but also help with any content suggestions they feel could make the work further shine.

In addition to editing, There for You offers affordable proofreading, author spotlight’s, and typing 

There For You Editing

Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Services:

What is the usual turn around time on an edit?

 While I cannot give you an exact day I will be finished with the edit, I can give you an estimate. I work as quickly as I can, but I want to be thorough; it is important to me that your work be the best it can be. On average, it is approximately two weeks for a full edit, which includes the proofreaders input. The two week time estimate may fluctuate depending on length and depth of work that is needed. Also, the time frame is from when I start working on it, not necessarily from when we receive it. I will try to give you an estimated date of completion after you send me your manuscript. If you need it by a certain date, please let me know immediately so that we can let you know if we will be able to have it done by then.

After the edit, can I contact you if I don't understand the corrections?

 I like to keep in contact with my clients, in fact many of my clients are repeat clients or word-of-mouth, therefore I am more than willing to discuss any questions/concerns you might have. I usually try to explain why a correction should be made and make suggestions for other words or different phrases if it becomes repetitive.
I never take away the voice of you, the writer, or make major changes to the work. 

What types of writing do you accept?

I accept fiction, romance, nonfiction, children's books, and most other genres, except zombies. I accept Indie, self-published, and traditionally published works.

Who is on your client list?

Numerous authors.
 Stacey Rourke, Elizabeth Marx, Elizabeth Kirke, Killian McRae,
LP Dover, Christy Sloat, Toi Thomas, Airicka Phoenix, and many more.

The cover photos of the books currently, and recently, edited are showcased at:

There For You Editing

Lucian Barnes, author of Haven: "I just finished going through the edits for Haven, and all I can say is wow!!! You did a fantastic job Melissa M Ringsted!!! I feel very fortunate to have found such a great editor!!! I look forward to working with you even more in the future! :-)
Toi Thomas, author of Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel: "Melissa was one of the best experiences I’ve had in the overall scary adventure of publishing. She’s not only good at editing, but she has an honest and clean eye. She knows how to clean up an author’s work without changing their voice and finds the best way to professionally present their writing to the public. Melissa is a great communicator and keeps in touch, as much or as little as you like, so you’re never left wanting or wondering. I can’t wait to have her take a crack at my next novel.


Emily Fogle, author of The Dragon Wars. "Melissa Ringsted not only painstakingly edits and combs through each line, searching for errors, but she puts her heart into the work she’s correcting as well. She also makes sure that her clients fully understand the edits she has made. I always felt comfortable asking questions because I knew I would get a thorough answer. Melissa takes pride in what she does and it shows. Anyone can feel secure putting their book in her hands."

 Killian McRae, author of A Love By Any Measure: "A LOVE BY ANY MEASURE had already been out for several months and enjoying success, but was still getting some negative feedback due to grammatical errors. Melissa and her team of readers took the book, found all the mistakes, and turned it back to me within a few days of starting the project. She was professional, maintained great communication, and even gave the work a little boost by recommending it to some of her clientele. Couldn't be happier with her services, and highly recommend to all."

Stacey Rourke, author of the Gryphon series: "Melissa Ringsted edits each book with a love and attention to detail that can only be found in a true book lover. A manuscript is its author's baby and that baby is in the best possible hands with Melissa and her team. She's like the Mary Poppins of books--practically perfect in every way. "

 Elizabeth Kirke, author of More than Magic: Semester Aboard: "Melissa was so easy to work with! She had a quick turnaround time and was more than happy to explain and talk over the edits with me. She was always there when I needed to talk to her too! "

There For You Editing

Awards and Recognition

The awards listed below are various authors, selected randomly, who have had their books edited with There for You Editing, resulting in a compilation of great writing and successful editing, making them award winning reads. For specific reference or author recommendations, please feel free to email There for You Editing.

USA Today Best Seller
-Two books for author LP Dover,
edited by There for You Editing
have made the top 100 list of USA Today Best Sellers. 

Reader’s Favorite Awards
-Over fifty books with five star reviews

Turning Pages LLC Book of the Year

Several Rone Award Winners

Gold 2013 Global eBook Award

USA Best Book Awards Finalists

Purple Dragonfly Book Award

UpAuthors Award Winners

Amazon Best Seller

Barnes and Noble Best Seller

Writing World’s Book of the Year
-Several books edited by There for You Editing

There For You Editing

Contact There for You Editing Services:

Melissa Ringsted

(860) 940-3031






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